Monday, March 3, 2008

Those socks that go AWOL in the laundry...

For the first 10 months or so of Josh and Alli's life I was very frustrated with the laundry; not because there was sooooo much but because I kept buying cute little socks and then loosing them every time I did a load. After several months I told a friend who suggested I buy one of those mesh bags meant for your delicates, I did and my problem was solved. I never looked back or gave a second thought to the dozen or so socks that went AWOL.

Today, my washer was acting up and when I looked in the owner's manual the error code the machine was giving meant that there was something blocking it from draining. I tried all the troubleshooting steps in the manual with no success. Then I noticed that the rubber seal around the opening looked kind of out of place, a little bumpy (I have a front loader and there is a large rubber seal that seals the door when running so no water runs out). I pulled back the seal to try and straighten it and low and behold....there they were....I found 18 (yes, you heard me 18) tiny little socks!!!!

In the words of Tigger and Pooh (the super sleuths); "Another mystery is history!" :-)

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