Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Toddler time fun

Today, we took our first venture to Toddler Time at the Issaquah Community Center. What a blast! I had heard about this from other emoms but hesitated thinking my kids were perhaps still too young... I was wrong. :-) Basically, this is a gymnasium filled with age appropriate toys (for ages 1-3); big red and yellow cars to ride in, all kinds of tricycles, push toys, tunnels, slides, balls, etc and plenty of space to run around. This particular Toddler Time is $2.00/child and runs from 8am to noon Monday to Friday. You can show up and leave at anytime in between. (Parents must stay with children) I would highly recommend this activity, my kids loved it. The only challenge with twins is being able (as one human unable to achieve Multiplicity) to chase little ones in two completely opposite directions but the bonus here is that it is indoors so they can't run into the street like at the park! :-)

Checkout this great Seattle Times article for other similar Community Center offerings in and around Seattle; They play, you pay — and everyone stays dry.

Well, after such a great energy burning morning it's now nap time in baby ville and off I am to fold a couple loads of laundry.

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